Describing Music To Deaf People Is A Mystery


Empathy should the utmost consideration when asking how a deaf how they perceive music. Most of us people with healthy senses don't even get a chance to empathize with them. To be blunt, we are oftentimes insensitive. This is a question I always wanted to ask with them. 


Experts say that deaf people can also feel the vibration of the sounds so basically they can absorb the rhythm of the music. Nevertheless, the lack of exact sound of the music still invalidates my inquisition.


There is a constant answer but never sate the absolute value of idea about how deaf people feel music. It's quite disappointing that I can't even describe music to them. Even if you say cliche phrases about music, still not enough. I came to be a little bit prudent now that I am suffring partial deafness in my right ear. Describing music through the remaining functioning senses to the deaf people is a good way but It's the lost sense itself that should be sated. 


Perhaps, mystery equates music for the inborn deaf. That mystery is their sounds. Full of black noise and white beats. Coloring the rhythm, feeling the vibration, sniffing the heat of the sounds, all senses may do but it is always incomplete. I salute those impaired individuals who can still see the bright side of life despite of its so-called cruelty. Life is unfair? Not for those physically challenged people.

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  1. curtisoopez

    Music is always for everyone because all the people had a mind and some feeling I know best essay writing service reviews a deaf person who feels the music and with the help of his feeling he dances with the music. I know it’s a hard thing but the positive and motivated people always able to do these things.

    April 23, 2016