You Can't Overdose On Music (c)

Have you ever been so distant with your sanity when you're in a dichotomous feeling of happiness and frustration? I am referring to your depression and your addiction.


I admit, Intelligent individuals always find theirselves to become halfly medicated at least with music when having dysphoria or questionable depression. They find music as a tool to relase their indubitable angst. Rather than getting addicted with insatiable drugs, music is a mental release.


Personally, (although sometimes I tend not to be blunt enough with my disorder) ...for the past few years that my depression disorder attacked me, music was always the pole I have had grasped to. I have learned to take advantage of my inclination to music. Due to my years of dysphoria, (yes, you're reading it right, YEARS), I, oftentimes fought the idea of suicide and so on. I was tempted to end my life for those years, unsuccumbedly to feel a pain aftermath. One had given me a meth, maryjane, pills, or whatsoever unbelievable medication they pursued to sell me but I was there, being inevitably still the sociopath about taking it. For the record, I might have suicidal thoughts, an order to to end my life in just one slash of sharp tools but the good thing about it, I never tried drugs to numbed me cause in the first place I didn't like to suffer anymore, just one push of the knife to my pulse is enough. No drugs or temptations had won over my desire but Music. 


How Music ends my insanity with the dysphoria? Simply, the music had soothe me. On a daily basis, I had released all my angst with the banging of my head with every beat I made from the musical instruments. I focused on playing these wonderful Instruments. Then in no time, I recovered with the aid of Music alone. The rest was part history,part mystery.


Music as peculiar to my grattitude, is only ONE of the many things  I have thought to fought back my disorder. But I have to admit, It's really our choice to be smart enough when battling for something. If you think you can't overdose with drugs, it is more of Music.




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Comments (4)

  1. cjb321

    I listen to music all day. As you say, it keeps you sane.

    July 22, 2015
    1. redgeventuradelacruz

      what did you notice with the music of today’s generation?

      July 23, 2015
      1. cjb321

        Loud, and not necessarily understandable. I do like some of it….depending , of course on certain criteria.

        July 23, 2015
    2. morningafter7

      Me too, and I agree!

      July 23, 2015